June 11, 2018

Jewel Mall

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The Jewel Mall – Gulzar House, Charminar

The Jewel Mall has a location that is perhaps the best in the topography of Gulzar Houz, Charminar. Hence it makes it a perfect investment opportunity and facilitates a new business horizon. The Jewel Mall is a smart way to expand your business. It has the potential of being a Landmark of the future, as did most of our early properties. The Jewel Mall has a breathtaking facade and a spacious lobby making it an ideal environment for exclusive showrooms. This rectangular establishment is most suitable for mid-sized businesses, making it convenient for any type of interiors and helps in maximum space utilization, while providing scope for expansion.

The Jewel Mall is an ideal space for Branded and Non-Branded showrooms that not only transact in Gold, Gems and Jewelry but also for Ready made Garments, Consumer Durable, Jewellery and Clothing Stores by providing extensive display options.

The ample space in this exclusive jewellery mall makes it less crowded and helps ease of the movements of the customers. The Spacious two wheeler parking at this level facilitates for the easy mobility and approach to majority of the customers.